Temperature Scanners

Rapid, Multi-Person Temperature
Measurement Devices for


TempScan infrared thermal temperature scanners are designed for rapid, multiple-person temperature measurement. They are a contact-free and non-confrontational way to:

  • Reduce the risk of people with fever symptoms from entering your premises

  • Provide peace of mind and confidence for your staff, customers and visitors

  • Prompt people with fever symptoms to seek medical advice

photo of a temperature scanner

TempScan devices scan up to 10 people in motion simultaneously and up to 30 people at once in a crowd (depending on the model), detecting when someone has an elevated temperature and sounding a discreet alert.

TempScan is a hands-free solution that is efficient and cost-effective; there is no need to employ someone to personally scan people which can be expensive, time-consuming and confronting.

TempScan is ideal for use in corporate offices, retail shopping centres, sporting and entertainment venues, schools/universities, restaurants, hospitals, airports and really any public space!

Temperature scanning is the new normal. It has been widely used across Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan (since SARS in 2002) and in Australia is already in some hospitals, retail centres, restaurants and airports.

TempScan is the extension of a well-established and family-owned import business that has offices in both Australia and China, and strong bilateral relationships built up over 40 years in business.

Temperature checking is a precautionary measure that can help bring people back to work and into public spaces with peace of mind and confidence. Investing in this capability now is crucial to safeguard against future pandemics.

Our infrared thermal scanners are designed for rapid, multiple person temperature measurements and can help reduce the risk of people with fever symptoms from entering any premises.

By spotting a suspected fever, the devices can also prompt people to seek medical advice.

Our solutions are precise (<0.3°C accuracy), non-contact (respect social distancing), and versatile – they can be stand, desk, or wall-mounted depending on preference.

TempScan features

  • Rapid, accurate and non-contact thermal temperature scanners

  • Efficient multiple-person temperature measurement, with elevated temperature warning

  • Screens <10 people in motion and <30 people in a crowd depending on model

  • Artificial intelligence: high-precision face temperature detection, recognition & capture

  • +/- 0.3°C accuracy if used with recommended settings

  • Customisable settings include high-temperature range, distance, and alarm.

  • Data flows in real-time, automatically generating statistics and reports

  • Easy plug and play installation

  • Stand, desk or wall-mounted depending on preference

  • Manufacturer accreditation